We provide on-going business improvement support for our members and through our tailored programmes address the real issues within Bodsyshops. Courses offered range from our Lean-flow product which is the cornerstone of our network performance to our Throughput Accounting module which helps our members make the real connection between the available resources and the opportunity to create ultra high profit low-cost solutions for their customers through our 1 Day repair module.Bodyshop Alliance recognises the value of training investment for all areas of the operation and offers a range of bespoke course for bodyshops that address the most common and costly issues for our members.

To get the best from their business our members have to see and understand operational performance on a real-time basis, our comprehensive 1 day course the use  and integration of the Lean-flow system Analysis & Reporting suite ensures that information is found easily and is always accurate.

For new customers to Bodyshop Alliance we would recommend our Improving Cycle Times course which will introduce you to what we are all about and provide you with some immediate things to think about.