SustainabilityIt is vitally important that the members of Bodyshop Alliance are profitable businesses and have a sustainable model that can hold its place in long term collaborative relationships with Bodyshop Alliance and its customers.

Bodyshop Alliance creates the opportunity for a member to make the greatest use of the resources it already possesses therefore we would expect minimal equipment investment beyond the norm for a standard bodyshop. This is partly because additional equipment can be costly and only really adds dimension where the operation is already optimised. It's not that we don't recognise the value of systems and equipment that speed up drying times for example, it's just that the real value is where the member is looking to squeeze very last ounce of productivity from its operation

Bodyshop Alliance is conscious of the increased burden that 2nd & 3rd tier supply deals can place on bodyshops and as such leaves the member free to secure the best possible deals for themselves.

This policy underpins our vision of putting value into the membership as a whole rather than taking it out.