Our Process

Our ProcessOur bodyshop customers have specific wants & aspirations and this part of the process is to understand where those needs come from and how best we can structure our programme to get the right results for you. We will use this opportunity to get to know you better and find out what makes you tick. It will also give us the opportunity to match your requirements to our products and ensure the programme is tailored to fit those requirements.

Our ProcessOnce our programme is installed and takes hold you will start to realise the benefits of the journey you have embarked on, in a fairly short period of time you will start to embed the principles and practices into yours and your staff's psyche. This transition must be viewed as a major change programme and the level of success will be driven by you and your staff's appetite to unlearn what you know, re-learn what you may have forgotten and embrace what is new.

Our ProcessOne of the major outcomes of adopting our approach is the creation of additional capacity though faster processing and we recognise that seeing a shorter horizon of work in front of you can be a little disconcerting. We also recognise that in order to get the maximum benefit from your operation you may require additional volume. The third part of our process is really all about marketing your services for you in a number of ways, via social media, via national marketing of the  Bodyshop Alliance Network and of course additional available products from our portfolio like 1Day Repair

Bodyshop Alliance provides various membership levels to help achieve the following results  


  • Greater than 90% on time delivery
  • Cycle times of between 1 & 14 days
  • An average of 4 working hours per vehicle per day
  • Greater than 90% quality first time

Should you achieve the performance to qualify then all the benefits of being a fully fledged member of Bodyshop Alliance will be available to you.  

We believe that we bring something entirely different to the rest of the market with a unique offering that is underpinned by a range of products designed around specific problem sets and built to last. 

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