Does Bodyshop Alliance mandate the use of any paint or parts? � No, Bodyshop Alliance believes the Bodyshop owners should be allowed to run their own business as they see fit and we will not intervene in the procurement of any consumables.
Does Bodyshop Alliance charge referral fees? � No, Bodyshop Alliance is committed to putting value into the industry rather than taking it out. Bodyshop Alliance generates its income from the provision of value added products and services to its customers.
How long does it typically take to implement Lean-Flow principles? � This depends on how busy the repairer is and how quickly the owners would like to make the transition. Training programmes and plans are tailored to suit the customer�s requirements. Once the key principles are learnt then it normally takes between 6 & 13 weeks.
Do I carry on working whilst the implementation is going on? � Yes, Bodyshop Alliance will endeavour to keep business disruption to a minimum. For really busy repairers depending on the time of year we would recommend asking major insurer or accident manager customers for support. This may require a temporary decrease in the number of referrals allocated.
How long will it be before I start to see any of the benefits? � To learn the Lean-Flow principles is as much an organic learning process as it is an improvement knowledge. Realising the true potential will be driven by how the new thinking and acting is embraced by the business and its employees. Whilst certain benefits are almost immediate, reaching the goal can take a little longer.
What will the key benefits be? � Shorter cycle times, greater on time delivery performance and an increase in throughput capability.
Does Bodyshop Alliance change the way that vehicles are repaired? Not at all, Bodyshop Alliance recognises that Bodyshops are experts in their field. Our training and services are geared around assisting the Bodyshop in becoming more profitable by creating more productive & efficient environments through better organisation and processing.
How will the Lean-Flow principles increase my profitability? � Reducing your cycle time will have a profound impact on the number of courtesy cars required to service your customers. The average industry cycle time from FNOL to invoice is circa 28 days. If you took this down to 14 days then already your courtesy cars are twice as busy, it also means that money is paid into your bank account 2 weeks earlier, and it means that you are able to repair more cars beyond your recovery point having an exponential effect on available profit per repair. This concept is covered in much greater depth on our Throughput Accounting course.
If I start to process my work much quicker might I run out of work? - That is always a risk, but learning Lean-Flow principles does not directly impact how many referrals you receive from your customers, it does however mean that you are nearly always in a position to accept work and demonstrates to potential customers that you are in full control of your business' operations. In addition, the second part of the Bodyshop Alliance proposition is to help fill the additional capacity created by adopting the Lean-Flow principles and practices. Our 1Day Repair and works to fill available capacity for you. There is a never a bad time to speed up.
What geographical area will I be expected to cover? � This is pretty much down to the individual site�s capabilities, however, our contracted response times will be an overriding factor. We will reserve the right to rebalance geographical coverage wherever it is required and we will act in the best interests of the customers and the membership.
Can I learn the Lean-Flow principles without joining Bodyshop Alliance network? Yes of course, our aim is tailor what we do to fit the needs of the customer and leave them choices. We know learning the Lean-Flow principles will add value on its own or as part of the Bodyshop Alliance proposition.