Bodyshop Alliance

Bodyshop Alliance

The Bodyshop Alliance has been formed to bring the very best principles of vehicle accident repair to both vehicle repairers and customers with the aim of generating sustainable improvement in performance for the industry.


Bodyshop Alliance consists of high quality fast turnaround repairers focused on reducing overall repair cycle times thus increasing customer and driver  satisfaction. We achieve this by reducing the amount of time taken to repair a vehicle by between 50 and 75%. This means that not only is the vehicle down-time reduced and driver satisfaction increased, but costs are significantly reduced for the customer also.


Vehicle downtime has a huge effect on many elements of the total cost of managing a claim, the longer a claim remains open the more times the customer needs to be updated, the more chance the claim has of incurring costs that are a direct result of inactivity. It also impacts the number of people required within a claims department as customer touch times increase.There is a real chance of very high cost for mobility solutions, be it a fault or a non-fault claim someone is usually paying for replacement transport whilst the car is in dock. It is even thought that failure to settle claims quickly and efficiently can impact the Personal Injury aspect of a claim involving multiple parties. In summary there are many elements of claims management to benefit from repairing vehicles quickly.

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