John Ashford


JOHN ASHFORD - Coaching & Mentoring Master Practitioner & Leadership Coach

John is passionate about helping executives to improve their and their organisation's performance whilst simultaneously increasing motivation and the quality of working life.

He has developed extensive expertise in leadership, team and personal development on the back of a successful first career in marketing to board level. He is now focused on using this combination of commercial experience and people development expertise to help senior executives transfer people's potential and learning into tangible bottom line business results and greater job satisfaction..

John has been involved in developing individuals and teams in organisations across most sectors: public and private, large and small, throughout the UK and internationally.
In addition to coaching /mentoring individuals and teams at board level, John also trains leaders in applying coaching and mentoring skills and developing coaching/mentoring cultures for their organisations.

His approach is highly supportive, non-directive and enables people and teams to achieve quality in their thinking and an effective balance between the many competing elements in their work and life in general.

He combines concepts from many fields including Transactional Analysis, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Solution Focus, Appreciative Enquiry, GROW, Clean Language, Theory of constraints as well as a number of unique models developed during his 11 years with The Leadership Trust

John is accredited by the EMCC and The leadership Trust and is an assessor for the EMCC quality awards and for the EFQM business excellence system.