Smart Repairs

Smart RepairsSMART repairs is the name given to local area repairs to:-

  • Body Panels (Scratches, dings, dents)
  • Alloy Wheel Repair & Refurbishement
  • Windscreen Repairs
  • Interior and Exterior Trim Repairs
  • Plastic Repairs
  • Seating and Upholstery Repairs and Refurbishment

Bodyshop Alliance members possess both the skill and the equipment to carry out repairs to the areas above at substantial reductions in the normal price. If a vehicle is is already in the member's shop for a major repair then areas like these can be attended to at an even lower cost due to the vehicle being already on site for repairs. Bodyshop Alliance members have full control of their available resources and for damaged vehicles that are mobile, they can offer seasonal prices that create even more value for the customer.

  Some of the latest technology available