1 Day Repair

1 Day RepairThere are certain types of repair that due to their very nature can be completed in a single day. This is difficult for the traditional bodyshop to achieve because of the production model in place and the often random nature of collision severity. 

Bodyshop Alliance members have the option to join the 1 Day Repair programme for free which is designed specifically to address the challenge of faster throughput of smaller and less complex repairs without disrupting the main bodyshop production schedule.

Great news for their customers and great news for our members as it allows them to make the best possible use of resources and facilities they have.

The implementation of Lean Flow principles and 1 Day Repair creates additional capacity within the business with little or no effect on HR expenditure, our web-marketing solution for 1 Day Repair will provide the repairer with exclusive postcodes and area for retail, fleet and smart repairs presenting the best possible chance to secure further work opportunities.

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